Elevate Your Spirits: Omaha’s Top Bars of 2023
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Elevate Your Spirits: Omaha’s Top Bars of 2023

Pouring Into the Intro:
In the heart of the Midwest, Omaha unfolds as a hidden gem of culinary wonders and vibrant nightlife. This city, with its charming blend of historic elegance and modern flair, showcases an impressive array of bars each with a unique ambiance, tempting drinks, and infectious energy. Whether you seek a sophisticated cocktail, a hearty craft beer, or a lively dance floor, the 2023 Omaha bar scene is stirring up a cocktail of experiences. Let’s take a spirited journey through the top 10 bars that are raising the bar in Omaha this year!

1. The Berry & Rye

1105 Howard Street

Embark on a flavorful adventure at The Berry & Rye, where the speakeasy ambiance mingles with innovative craft cocktails. Hidden in the Old Market district, this intimate bar invites patrons to savor every sip, unraveling a story in each glass.

2. Scriptown Brewing Company

3922 Farnam Street

Nestling in the vibrant Blackstone District, Scriptown Brewing Company stands as a beacon for craft beer enthusiasts. Renowned for its small-batch brews and cozy vibes, it’s a hub where beer stories are brewed and shared.

3. Beercade

6104 Maple Street

Time-travel with a pint in hand at Beercade, where nostalgia meets craft beer innovation. The energetic hum of arcade games and a rotating selection of over 30 beers create a playground for both the young at heart and craft beer aficionados.

4. Wicked Rabbit

1508 Harney Street

Step into the mysterious allure of Wicked Rabbit. Hidden behind the facade of Looking Glass Cigars & Spirits, this speakeasy offers a concoction of ambiance and creativity, serving mysterious cocktails in a setting that whispers tales of the Prohibition era.

5. Dundee Dell

5007 Underwood Avenue

Savor the warmth of community and the richness of Scotch at Dundee Dell. A historic gem since 1934, it welcomes patrons with one of the largest Scotch collections in the United States and a legendary serving of fish and chips.

6. The Homy Inn

1510 North Saddle Creek Road

Experience the effervescence of The Homy Inn, where champagne flows on tap alongside hearty beers. With its quirky charm and fairy-lit patio, it bubbles with a welcoming vibe, making every visit a celebration.

7. Proof – Whiskey Bar & Craft Cocktails

1920 S 67th Street

Indulge in the sophisticated allure of Proof. Boasting an extensive selection of over 400 whiskeys, this elegant bar crafts an experience of refinement and discovery, guided by the knowledge of passionate staff.

8. Nite Owl

3902 Farnam Street

Dive into the retro rhythm of Nite Owl, a haven for creative cocktails, eclectic beats, and delectable late-night bites. With its vibrant atmosphere and eclectic décor, it’s the go-to spot for those who live for the night.

9. The Corkscrew Wine & Cheese Bar

3908 Farnam Street

Elegance and flavor intertwine at The Corkscrew, where an exquisite selection of wines meets gourmet cheese plates. The refined atmosphere and knowledgeable sommeliers make it a delightful destination for wine lovers seeking a sophisticated escape.

10. The Green Room

1502 Mike Fahey Street

Immerse yourself in the eclectic vibes of The Green Room. Known for its eco-friendly ethos, innovative cocktails, and live music nights, it’s a lively and conscious choice for those looking to dance the night away with a lighter footprint.

Concluding Toast:
Omaha, with its diverse tapestry of bars, paints a vivid nightlife landscape in 2023. Each establishment on this list offers a unique sip of the city’s spirit, promising unforgettable nights filled with flavor, ambiance, and Omaha charm.

For more spirited stories and events, keep your glasses raised to NowOmaha.com.

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