Elon Musk Is Once Again Thinking About Elden Ring

Elon Musk Is Once Again Thinking About Elden Ring

Elon Musk, the man who once showed his ass to the entire internet with his terrible Elden Ring build, has the FromSoftware blockbuster on his mind once again. But this time, instead of boasting about his playstyle, it appears that the billionaire manchild is turning to Hidetaka Miyazaki’s world for design inspiration.

X, formerly known as Twitter but changed to X in July 2023 to sate Musk’s edgelord whims, has recently undergone an app redesign, with the bluebird of Twitter replaced with a black, aslant X. Musk seems proud of the logo—so proud he put a massive, flashing X structure on top of Twitter’s San Francisco HQ that lasted just a few days before people complained about the “unpermitted structure.”

Determined to impart beauty upon this tragic world, however, Musk has not been deterred. On August 18, in one of his characteristically “very online” social media sessions, he shared “we need to make this interface far more beautiful” on his X timeline (god I wish I could just say Twitter). Fifteen minutes before that, he posted, “Elden Ring is some of the most beautiful art ever created.”

It’s unclear if Musk was up late playing Elden Ring or was just daydreaming about the sheer beauty that is Dung-Eater, but it’s obvious that, within minutes, he was thinking about both FromSoftware’s action RPG and the current design of the app he took over back in April 2022.

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During this spate of posts, Musk also said, “The Fast & The Fanciful: Tokyo Drift 2023,” (he’s in Tokyo right now) and suggested that the app is “humanity’s collective consciousness.” This all just makes me think that he got a hold of some seriously mid weed and was playing the role of older guy who bogarts the joint and won’t stop talking about how he’s more lion than man or some shit.

It’s unclear how or if Elden Ring will factor into Musk’s quest to make X more beautiful. Maybe he’ll set the site to a permanent Dark Mode (seems like a thing he’d consider “edgy”), or maybe he’ll make it so that every time you log off you’re greeted with a classic FromSoft “you died” screen. Maybe he’ll change the format of the user-generated Community Notes that address misinformation on the app so that they mimic the messages players can leave behind in Elden Ring. Or maybe, just maybe, he’ll take a page out of Iron Fist Alexander’s book and demand that we duel him so he can disappear forever afterwards. He does want to fight Mark Zuckerberg, after all… so here’s hoping.

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