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Fashion Gala Events


 Illa Rider got her start as a designer herself, and while she loved the creativity of designing her own collections, the satisfaction from planning her first fashion show had her hooked on production.

Her first two events were charity events for two local organizations. The first, in 2011, was called “A Vanity Affair” and funded the Micah House in Council Bluffs, IA during the huge flood that occurred that summer, leaving many families in the area without shelter.

The Second event was a combined effort with the Henry Doorly Zoo to help their plant and animal conservation, focusing on the lemur project they had going on.

The upcoming event, Fashion Gala, is Illa’s first solo project, and been an incredibly rewarding experience. Illa truly believes that you don’t have to leave the Midwest to find great fashion going on. This show, and her future endeavors, seek to allow local models and designers to network with each other.

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