Fortnite Gets Attack On Titan’s Secret Jaeger Basement

Fortnite Gets Attack On Titan’s Secret Jaeger Basement

Image: Epic Games / Kotaku

On Tuesday, Fortnite announced that it’s bringing Attack on Titan characters Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman, and Levi Ackerman to the mega-popular battle royale game. However, Attack on Titan skins aren’t the only items Fortnite’s dropped into the game. It’s also tucked away the anime’s most important McGuffin: Grisha’s basement.

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According to a Fortnite blog post, the anime-centric Battle Royale v24.20 update will let players explore Grisha’s basement in Anvil Square. Alongside Grisha’s basement and character skins the v24.20 update is also bringing the anime’s hyper-maneuverable ODM gear and its explosive thunder pears into the game as well. The character skins are available in the Item Shop and the ODM gear and thunder spears can be found in Scout lockers scattered about the map.

The Fortnite blog post appropriately teases players saying it’s keeping the exact location of Jaeger’s family basement a secret. However, fans have already pinpointed its exact location and discovered that much like the anime, the video game basement houses secret documents like Grisha’s notebook and a Scout regime footlocker.

Spoiler warning for the season three finale of Attack on Titan.

Attack on Titan basement lore-dump

For those who haven’t been keeping up with arguably one of the most popular anime of the last decade, Grisha’s basement housed the anime’s biggest plot twists. Basically, Eren Jaeger’s father, Grisha, promised his son he’d reveal something crucial to him that’s been locked inside their basement. Unfortunately, the invasion from the titans, the destruction of his home, and the death of his father prevented Eren and viewers from discovering what was being safeguarded in the basement. After three seasons of hard-fought battles against hordes of titans and surviving political double-cross and in-unit betrayal, Eren and crew finally made it to the basement to discover an old family portrait with Grisha and a different family.

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While innocuous on the surface, this reveal changed the course of the direction of the series forever. In short, the photo, a foreign piece of technological advancement for the series protagonists, as well as Grisha’s notes about the horrors of the outside world, altered Eren’s motivation from being a seemingly never-ending battle against titans to an international war with against the nation that sequestered his people on the titan-infested island for generations. It’s also at this juncture that the series dips a bit into fascistic story-telling elements in its final season, which has been stretched out into three parts and two movies.

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