Fortnite Stops The ‘One Pump’ Shotgun, Unvaults Dirt Bikes

Fortnite Stops The ‘One Pump’ Shotgun, Unvaults Dirt Bikes

If you had previously enjoyed the blistering body damage and absurd headshot multiplier of Fortnite’s Mythic Havoc pump shotgun, I’ve got some sad news. In a recent update, Epic Games nerfed the brutal weapon. But don’t worry, as update 24.20 still has a few exciting things to take advantage of.

The Mythic Havoc shotgun arrived in Fortnite with Chapter 4: Season 2 and it wasn’t long before players realized just how devastating a weapon it was. Joining the ranks of other heavy hitters such as the combat shotgun, drum gun, shockwave hammer, and, of course, the Infinity Blade, the Mythic Havoc had players flocking to Mega City to secure it from the vault. Dealing 144 damage to an enemy’s body, the Mythic Havoc shotgun would make short work out of just about anyone. But when fired at the head, a value of 250 damage easily vaulted its wielder into unstoppable status. That all changes with update 24.20, which knocks the headshot damage from 250 to 210. I’m as emotionally crushed as you are over this, but hey, at least dirt bikes have returned?

You should still grab the Mythic Havoc Pump Shotgun (here’s how to get it)

While the 40-point damage reduction to headshots is kind of a bummer for us dastardly shotty menaces, it still has a pretty meaty base damage. I’d argue it’s still worth grabbing. Here’s where to get it:

Keep an eye out for the Highcard boss in Mega City.
Gif: Epic Games / Kotaku

Head on over to Mega City, on the southeast corner of the Asteria map. Keep an eye out for the Highcard boss and take ‘em out; he’ll put up a halfway decent fight, but if you’ve got a decent weapon you can make short work of him. He’ll drop a keycard. Follow your HUD prompt to the vault for a chance to find the Mythic Havoc pump shotgun.

Yes, it’s not as powerful as it once was, but it can still easily support you all the way to a victory royale. In fact, I just pulled off a win with it (and a heavy sniper rifle). Super sorry about that nonsense at Secluded Spire. GGs?

Fortnite 24.20 update brings back dirt bikes and other changes

Who doesn’t love a dirt bike? Probably the most exciting aspect of the new update sees the return of the Trail Thrasher Dirt Bike. Seating two players, the driver can shoot while moving along at high speeds, making it quick and lethal.

And while the Mythic Overclocked Pulse Rifle saw its accuracy and hipfire rate scaled back, the Kinetic Blade got a new Rare variant that keeps the damage the same, but grants you an additional kinetic dash charge, bringing the total to two.

Update 24.20 might’ve scaled back the damage on a sweet weapon in Fortnite’s sandbox, but you can be sure I’ll still be making my way to Mega City to grab that Havoc Shotgun.

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