Free Horror Game Is A Nightmare Version Of N64 Goldeneye

Free Horror Game Is A Nightmare Version Of N64 Goldeneye

Screenshot: Jaime/Jaime / Kotaku

The opening level of GoldenEye 007 on the Nintendo 64 is one of the most iconic video game areas out there. The overcast skies, the low-res rock walls, the sniper towers, and the tunnel leading to an underground maze. Remember how it slowly causes your game to become more and more glitchy due to some unknown entity? Wait, that’s not how it goes…

Agent No. 6 is a short horror shooter currently available on PC for whatever price you want via Itchio. The game was released a few months back, but I stumbled upon it earlier today and with the recent release of GoldenEye on Xbox and Switch, it seemed like a perfect time to check out this creepy little FPS that was initially developed during a game jam.

This horror shooter plays a lot like GoldenEye 007, the game Agent No. 6 is clearly inspired by when you look at the similar auto-aiming weapons, like AK-47-like rifles and silenced pistols, and a near-identical health and body armor system, too. And at first, things are pretty normal. You explore a base that feels like it could be connected to the iconic dam level from GoldenEye, picking up guns, unlocking doors, and killing guards with ease.

But then things change once you enter a strange tunnel that leads to a large, maze-like underground area. It’s at this point that Agent No. 6 starts to glitch out visually. More ominously, the game starts to mention unknown errors and entities that aren’t supposed to be in this level. Eventually, as you get deeper into the underground bunker, things start going off the rails.

Horror Games X / JaimeJaime

I won’t spoil the rest of the game as it will only take most players around 15 minutes or so to finish and it’s worth experiencing first-hand, especially if you are a GoldenEye fan. If you don’t have the time or stomach for Agent No. 6, there are video walkthroughs online that will let you enjoy it.

If you want more GoldenEye-like action, I recommend checking out the Steam demo for Agent 64: Spies Never Die, an upcoming shooter that uses modern tech to recreate that retro-N64 shooter feel.

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