Honoring veterans in the Heartland  – The Omaha News
Omaha News

Honoring veterans in the Heartland  – The Omaha News

By: Peyton Holubeck

OMAHA, Neb. – Veterans Day honors all military personnel past and present, though the holiday is more than remembering fallen soldiers, it centers on what it means to be a veteran. 

Army sergeant, Dr. Michelle Black explained on what being a veteran means to be a part of something eternal.  

“Being a veteran, you’re part of something bigger than yourself, and you’re part of a community. So, when you join the military, you become a part of that community; for me it was the army.” 

A monument dedicated to those who have served the U.S. in Memorial Park, located in Omaha, NE. (Photo/Peyton Holubeck)

That sense of community never goes away, even after leaving active service, said veteran, Brian Richardson. 

“Everyone who’s currently serving, and everyone who has served in the past is my family. You can be in a place where you don’t know anyone, and the moment you find out you that both served, you share a bond, you share a commonality of experience.” 

The bond between veterans was also what makes the holiday difficult for those it honors. 

“It is just one day, I make sure I stop and I think about the soldiers that I have lost, my colleagues I’ve lost.” 

According to the 2022 census, Omaha had over 24,000 veterans. Omaha honors its veterans at places like Memorial Park, where there are multiple memorials to different military personnel.

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