Hot Shops hold second-annual Fall Fundraiser  – The Omaha News
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Hot Shops hold second-annual Fall Fundraiser  – The Omaha News

By: Ben Copeland

OMAHA, Neb. – The Hot Shops Art Center hosted their second annual Fall Fundraiser on Oct. 21 and 22, inviting the public to come and see what the center has to offer. 

The Hot Shops Art Center is a creative space where artists from all over can go and create, with the name “hot” shops representing the four hot studios that make up the heart of the center. This includes an Iron forge and blacksmithing shop, a ceramics studio, metal foundry, and of course glass blowing.  

The center is a non-profit, so to expand and grow, they host events like Friday’s second annual Fall Fundraiser. Kim Sellmeyer, the executive director of Hot Shops, has aimed to add a few additions with the help of this year’s fundraiser.  

“We are fundraising for things like a new elevator,” said Kim, “We don’t have an accessible elevator, we have a freight elevator. We will be fundraising for a renovation for the fourth floor, so that we can invite more of those artists in. So, it’s so important that creative talent has a place to land here in Omaha.”  

A small, glass ghost made at Hot Shops for sale during the fundraiser located in Omaha, NE. (Photo/Ben Copeland)

The Hot Shops have been inspiring future artists for years. Mathew Shrader, who went from watching glass blowing demonstrations to taking a leadership role as the glass blowing studio manager. 

 “In 2000, Dale Chihuly, he’s a really famous glass artist, had a show over at the Joslyn Art Museum, right across the street,” said Mathew. “And I went over there and was just in awe of what was there…it was three years later that I took a class from here, from Crystal Forge, and never looked back after that really.” 

The Hot Shops Art Center is open seven days a week, open to the public to come see demonstrations and also has the opportunity to sign up for many different classes. 

“There’s a lot of opportunities in the glass shop,” continued Mathew. “We do boy scouts girl scouts, teambuilding workshops, personal one-on-one workshops so there’s a lot of options for sure.” 

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