John Cena’s Action Figure Skin In WWE 2K23 Truly Cursed

John Cena’s Action Figure Skin In WWE 2K23 Truly Cursed

Image: WWE / 2K

Players have discovered a new skin in WWE 2K23 that turns world-famous wrestler and movie star John Cena into a plastic action figure, complete with a stiff, non-moving face and smile. And yes, if you were wondering, it’s pretty creepy!

Wrestling simulator WWE 2K23 officially doesn’t release until tomorrow, March 17, but fans who pre-ordered the pricier deluxe editions of the game were given early access starting on March 14. And since launch, players and streamers have been digging through the game and have discovered something truly cursed: A Mattel-branded action figure skin for WWE 2K23 cover star John Cena.

This odd skin was first spotted via a card in the game’s MyFaction mode. In this mode, players create and run their own in-game groups and factions by collecting cards, which of course can be bought with real money. It’s basically 2K’s spin on EA’s popular (and lucrative) Ultimate Team mode found in modern FIFA games. And it was in this mode that players eventually unlocked and made playable the rare Mattel-branded action figure skin, letting them play as the famous wrestler in the most disturbing way I’ve seen in some time.

I’ll admit that action figure John Cena looks like an actual wrestling toy, complete with obvious joints and plastic skin. The artists and modelers who worked on this should be proud of what they made as it really does look like a toy come to life. However, they also should be ashamed of the cursed entity they have now created and let loose into reality. Something about Cena’s plastic face, unmoving and stuck forever in a smile, really makes all of this that much creepier.

In response to a tweet showing off the skin, some are reacting with horror. One person called the skin the “stuff of nightmares.” Another Twitter user suggested that it was both “creepy and cool at the same time.” And while some, like myself, find the new skin disturbing, many others are excited to see such a fun and odd cosmetic option included in the game. Though players are frustrated that this skin appears to be only usable in MyFaction mode.

However, I expect in no time at all players will figure out ways to spread this cursed skin into other parts of the game. Soon, WWE 2K23 will be filled with cold plastic versions of John Cena and then we can all shut off this simulation and restart from scratch.

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