Marvel Snap Is Going Full Furry With Its New Variant Cards

Marvel Snap Is Going Full Furry With Its New Variant Cards

The longer I look at Black Cat(fish) the more questions I have.
Image: Marvel / Second Dinner / Kotaku

Marvel Snap, the immensely popular online card game and winner of Best Mobile Game at The 2022 Game Awards, is going full furry with its latest update.

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Before you double-check to see if you clicked on an Onion article by mistake or misread furry for “Fury” (like Nick Fury), you didn’t on both counts. According to a data mine from Marvel Snap Zone, a fan-run news site, Marvel Snap is getting a bunch of cute anthropomorphic reimaginings of iconic Marvel characters.

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Chief among the data mine’s barnyard of furry variant characters is a Moose Mr. Fantastic, a robot-rooster Deathlok, a cat version of Captain America, a fish (?) version of Black Cat, a bear version of Nick Fury 😏, and an ant…Ant-Man.

While developer Second Dinner’s furry card variants, which I assume must be a part of Spider-Ham’s wacky universe, are a far cry from its lackluster pixel art variants, I can’t help but scratch my head at Captain America and Black Cat’s fursona variant cards. Black Cat as a black cat seems like a layup of a design choice but for whatever reason, her variant is a catfish version of Angelina Jolie from Shark Tale that’s somehow sporting heels. Call it Black Catfish. Also, while I’m on my soapbox, why isn’t Cap a golden retriever instead of a cat boy? His Hollywood actor, Chris Evans, fookin’ loves doggos (as he should), so why is his Snap fursona a feline?

Kotaku reached out to Second Dinner for comment, mostly about that last thing.

Aside from furry Snap variant cards coming to your area code, Marvel Snap’s latest patch update also introduced a bunch of new cards, updated art and visual effects, and bug fixes. You can read the rest of Marvel Snap’s February patch notes in full here.

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