Marvel Snap’s Most Hated Card Just Became Less Annoying

Marvel Snap’s Most Hated Card Just Became Less Annoying

Image: Marvel / Second Dinner / Kotaku

Today’s big Marvel Snap update added the much-requested (and much-delayed) battle mode for friends. But it also made some changes to a few cards, including a surprise buff for Wolverine and a much-needed nerf to The Leader, a card many claimed was too OP and unfair in its previous state.

Released earlier today, the free-to-play card battler’s latest update finally adds the ability to challenge friends and specific players in non-ranked matches. And while the feature is a bit barebones at the moment, in my early testing it works a treat; it’s been a blast playing friends and testing decks against them. But this new Marvel Snap update also brought with it some other tweaks, including new balance changes.

The big news: The Leader finally got a decent nerf to his powerful ability that let you copy all the cards your opponent played in the round. While he still copies some cards, he’s been limited to just the opponent’s zone to the right of him. This small tweak means you’ll have to be more strategic when using Leader. Early reports seem to indicate he’s still useful and powerful, but not as overly dominant as before because now you have to correctly predict where your opponent is likely to play powerful cards. To help offset this new change, dev Second Dinner also gave Leader a small power boost from six to seven. Funnily enough, this reverses the last minor nerf The Leader got.

While there were counters to The Leader and his strong endgame ability, it was still a really annoying and unfun way to lose a match. And as it became a popular way to win, you’d sometimes lose against this combo multiple times in a row. Hopefully with this change that won’t be the case anymore.

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There’s more good news for players who love Wolverine: The card is getting a very good buff. The grumpy mutant’s ability to return to the field after being destroyed or discarded was solid, but his stats never felt amazing, even with a slick ability like that. And according to Second Dinner and its data, nobody was really playing Wolverine in Snap. So to fix that, he’s been given a new ability. Now, when he gets destroyed and returns he comes back with +2 power. And it reads like that can happen multiple times, meaning this card could become a useful part of destroy-focused decks.

I’ve seen some players upset that other cards, like Zabu and Silver Surfer, haven’t been nerfed yet, and while I agree these cards likely need some tweaks, I do appreciate how careful Second Dinner is being with its nerfs. I’d rather it not do enough and try again, than make huge sweeping changes that utterly destroy cards and decks that people love overnight.

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