Nebraska Community Blood Bank Issues Blood Emergency Status – The Omaha News
Omaha News

Nebraska Community Blood Bank Issues Blood Emergency Status – The Omaha News

By: Danny Bolanos, Reporter

OMAHA, Neb. – The Nebraska Community Blood Bank here in Omaha has issued a blood emergency status meaning that the bank has less than a three day supply of all eight blood types.

Nebraska Community Blood Bank Donor Recruiter Robin Stewart says a five through seven day supply of blood on their shelves is preferred to prepare against unknown emergencies that could happen the next day.

““Everyday were in need of blood to keep that blood supply stable and for Nebraska Community Blood Bank we supply twenty three local hospitals so that equates to a thousand people a week that we need to see donate just to keep our supply stable.”

The current status of the Nebraska Community Blood Bank.

Whether you’re O positive or O Negative the community is in dire need of blood so citizens are doing their part to donate

It’s a pretty easy way to help your community and for not a whole lot of time like less than an hour you can save multiple people lifes or like prolong their life” says Blood Donor Megan Houston.

O Positive blood being stored awaiting to be transported to local area hospitals.

The need for blood is everyday for every two seconds somebody is in need of blood in the United States which can only be collected from volunteers.

With a lack of blood donations a chain reaction is set in motion that can impact patients admitted at local area hospitals who need blood from being injured in an accident, to fight off cancer or blood diseases.

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