New Crown Zenith Pokémon Cards Are Making People A Fortune

New Crown Zenith Pokémon Cards Are Making People A Fortune

Image: The Pokémon Company / Kotaku

Crown Zenith has proven to be one of the best sets the Pokémon TCG has ever seen. Its celebration of the last three years of Sword & Shield, alongside the best artwork the franchise has ever seen, is making it enormously popular, and highly collectible. Among the mammoth 230 cards in the set, a surprising number have proven to be bringing in the big bucks for those lucky enough to pull one.

Crown Zenith is the final set to come from the Sword & Shield era, with the first set of Scarlet & Violet due to hit worldwide stores on March 31. It’s a bumper collection, reprinting some favorite cards and offering new artwork on so many more. Alongside these is the Galarian Gallery (GG), a 70-card set-within-set that celebrates the Galar region, with all-new and often extraordinarily gorgeous art. It’s no surprise that it’s from within the GG that most of the big numbers are coming, and not least the extremely rare four gold cards that finish it off.

It’s worth noting here that approaching the Pokémon TCG as a money-making enterprise is a foolish endeavor. Just the nature of the market, where cards gain value based on rarity, means that it’s close to impossible to make more money selling cards than you’ll spend to pull them. Anyone thinking they might get rich quick by buying a pile of Crown Zenith Elite Trainer Boxes will quickly find themselves with the most enormous pile of bulk, and if they’re astonishingly lucky, maybe a card worth $90 against the hundreds of dollars those boxes just cost them.

However, Crown Zenith is proving the most fantastic set for the Proper Way to get the cards you want: trading. And knowing the value of your cards is essential when making a good trade, ensuring you’re not being ripped off by that 13 year-old at the local card store.

Also it’s just damn cool to know that there are people out there who will pay $130 for this tiny piece of cardboard you got in a pack for $5. So, push forth through this gallery to discover the most valuable cards in Crown Zenith, now it’s been out for a couple of weeks.

Note: all these prices are based on the market at the time of writing. They will go up and down at their pleasure, and you can find the latest prices here. All these prices will likely drop over the next few weeks as more Crown Zenith sets release, after which things will level out and we’ll get a more accurate long-term picture of the sets’ worth. We’ve included every card that’s currently worth over $30 ungraded.

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