New House Flipping Game Is Def Not Secretly Scary

New House Flipping Game Is Def Not Secretly Scary

A screenshot of a person fixing an oven with a screwdriver.

Screenshot: SubstandardShrimp / MBRH Industries / Kotaku

If you are looking for a calm and relaxing game to play, you might want to try out Regular Home Renovation Simulator, a new completely free-to-download indie game about a man quietly flipping a small house. And don’t worry if you see any random skulls laying about or if you suddenly feel like there are more rooms than you remember. This is a totally normal game and not creepy at all.

Okay, well, maybe it’s not completely normal. Despite the name, Regular Home Renovation Simulatoravailable now on—isn’t just about home renovation. I’ll admit it: You aren’t just laying down tile or fixing up electrical outlets. You also have to do more mundane things like picking up trash and straightening picture frames of macabre scenes featuring demons and fire. But you also get to explore a cozy three-bedroom house with a nice modern kitchen that just needs a little TLC to really make it shine. Yes, this six-bedroom house is quite a relaxing place if you can see past all the dirt, bare floors, and odd flashes of death that appear when walking about the place. Wait, how many bedrooms are there again?

While Regular Home Renovation Simulator is a pretty chill game, it’s not boring at all. In fact, the game is filled with surprises. As you patch holes in the wall, you’ll have to ignore the demonic voices instructing your every move. When picking out which floor covering you want to use in the living room, you’ll discover fun extras, like, a hidden stone chamber for sacrificing people or a nice extra room for the kids.

A screenshot of a creepy skull telling the player to fix an electrical socket.

Screenshot: SubstandardShrimp / MBRH Industries / Kotaku

Don’t forget the infinite hallways, never-ending loops of rooms that wind around back onto themselves, and disappearing exits. It’s certainly never dull in Regular Home Renovation Simulator.

Some people might be upset that after flipping the house and all its various layers and hidden chambers, they are stuck forever in the home. But really, you don’t want to leave. You can’t leave. Stop trying to leave. You are stuck here forever. Enjoy it. Clean up more skulls. Put down some nice tile. Ignore the screams and fire. Finish the job. What else are you going to do? This is your new home now…

Regular Home Renovation Simulator is out now for free on PC. Download it from if you want to chill out and help an Elder God flip a house.


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