New Marvel Game Has Avengers Yell At You While You Work Out

New Marvel Game Has Avengers Yell At You While You Work Out

On Tuesday, Marvel announced what’s arguably its most bizarre gaming project to date: a mobile app where comic book characters holler at you while you work out.

Marvel Move, created by Six to Start, is an “interactive fitness adventure” mobile app that plays “immersive audio stories” while you work out. Following in the literal footsteps (sorry) of Zombies, Run! and other workout apps that offer narrative encouragement for your fitness goals, Marvel Move will let users choose from different Marvel stories narrated by its characters to keep them motivated while they get their cardio workout in. According to its official website, Marvel Move will not only track how far you run away from explosive threats or into the fray of its “fully-customisable enemy chases,” but it’ll also let you run 5/10K virtual races with friends and bring you new stories to run to every month.

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To demonstrate Marvel Move in action, Marvel posted a video of people jogging like they’re shooting B-roll footage for the canceled TV show Agents of SHIELD while the voices of iconic characters like Wolverine, Thor, Storm, and Hulk spout random motivational quips in their ears. You can see the video for yourself and decide whether this advertisement sells you on becoming a Marvel Move person. If anything, it’s bound to be an interesting conversation starter at your local Planet Fitness.

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According to Marvel Move’s website, the fitness app’s functionality won’t just be a glorified audio track of Hulk-grunt ASMR as you run for five miles. You can also listen to your own music while experiencing the app’s adventures. Maybe some Kenny G to complement the hot-breath grunting, or some triumphant ‘80s pop as you impress an Asgardian god by running to the top of that hill up the street? Hopefully, the app will also feature an audio slider so your workout playlist isn’t constantly interrupted by Wolverine calling you a bub for the umpteenth time or Storm waxing poetic about a lightning-struck toad.

Marvel Move is slated to release later this summer.

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