New WarioWare-Like Game Features 56 Minigames From Hell

New WarioWare-Like Game Features 56 Minigames From Hell

Gif: Onion Soup Interactive / Kotaku

The world needs more silly minigame collections. This is something I’ve long believed. Yes, WarioWare is nice. But we need and deserve more. Lucky for us, Super 56—releasing on PC soon—seems to be answering the call and providing a new collection of odd, retro-inspired minigames that are controlled entirely by one single button.

First announced in March 2022 as Press A For Achievements, the re-titled Super 56 is seemingly inspired by minigame collections like WarioWare and Cooking Mama. As in those games, Super 56 features 56 (hence the name) tiny, bite-sized minigames. However, Super 56 is from Hell according to the game’s lore, which also says the collection was banned by the government and all copies were buried in a desert. But recently some Super 56 carts have appeared in Hell and some demons have saved up their money to buy a copy and experience the forbidden minigames.

The big difference between Super 56 and other minigame collections is that the entire game and all of the content in it is controlled using one single button. The developers even claim the game’s menus only rely on that same, singular button. If you are worried that might limit the variety of minigames in Super 56, a new trailer shows that isn’t the case.

IGN / Onion Soup Interactive

In the game’s official trailer, you can spot a dozen or more minigames that all seem to feature different art styles and gameplay mechanics. At one point the player is seen shooting demons in a Doom-like shooter and then a few seconds later they can be seen catching fish in an Animal Crossing-like world. There are also some very odd moments involving giant floating heads and people wearing hazmat suits in a low poly bathroom. I’m starting to understand why Super 56 was “banned” and sent to Hell.

Super 56 will also support online multiplayer, daily challenges, leaderboards, and unlockable modifiers and avatars. If you want to play Super 56 you can check out the game’s demo on Steam right now. 

As for when Super 56 will be released outside of Hell, no specific release date has been set but the husband and wife developers behind the game promise it’s coming soon to PC.


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