Omaha Airport Authority Kicks Off Build OMA with Terminal Drive & Canopy Project

Omaha Airport Authority Kicks Off Build OMA with Terminal Drive & Canopy Project

Omaha, Neb. (June 22, 2023) – The Omaha Airport Authority today announced the Terminal Drive & Canopy Project as a component of Build OMA, a needs-based development program based on the organization’s Master Plan that will provide an improved airport experience for travelers and support Eppley Airfield’s growing passenger activity. The Terminal Drive & Canopy Project construction kicked off in June and is expected to be completed by the end of 2024.

Following the completion of the Terminal Entrance Roadway Expansion Project completed in 2022, the new Terminal Drive & Canopy Project is the next phase that will result in a new roadway at the curbside of the terminal and a new glass canopy covering the entire roadway and passenger area from the South Garage to the Terminal. This project will add an additional passenger drop-off lane, make the drop-off and pick-up area ADA accessible and provide cover from weather elements. The project adds capacity and enhances safety for travelers at Eppley Airfield.

“Build OMA is an important development for Eppley Airfield as we continue to enhance the travel experience for passengers in Omaha, while supporting long-term growth in airport activity” said Dave Roth, Chief Executive Officer at the Omaha Airport Authority.

Access to and from the airport terminal and parking garages will be maintained at all times during this project. Travelers can expect lane closures and should plan for extra time when traveling to and from the airport. The ground level of the South Garage is currently closed and will be used temporarily for passenger drop-off and pick-up later this summer as the canopy and roadway is constructed adjacent to the terminal.

The total project cost for the Terminal Drive & Canopy Project is $65M. The project is currently being funded with approximately $30.9M in federal grants along with airport revenues, with further funding expected. The Omaha Airport Authority is a non-taxing authority and collects user fees to support the operation and maintenance of airport facilities.

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