Omaha Beef Cook Up a Perfect Season, Searing their Way to Champions Bowl 8 Victory
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Omaha Beef Cook Up a Perfect Season, Searing their Way to Champions Bowl 8 Victory

Omaha, NE – Sizzling on the gridiron, the Omaha Beef made some serious history! They became the first-ever team in the Champions Indoor Football (CIF) league to post a perfect season and snag their second championship. By giving the Salina Liberty a grilling in Champions Bowl 8, they tenderized them to a 50-30 victory and seasoned their record to a flawless 12-0​1​.

The Beef kicked things off with a bang, or should we say a “rouge,” thanks to the skilled foot of Paul Ortiz. Meanwhile, Dreko Statham, the CIF Interception King, had the Liberty’s Ed Crouch for dinner, intercepting not one, but two of his plays. Tommy Armstrong then rushed in for a touchdown, and just like that, the Beef were off to the races with an 8-0 lead​1​.

The second quarter was a bit of a rodeo, with both teams putting up a hearty fight. Yet, the Beef held their ground, trotting into halftime with a 17-12 lead, rounded off nicely with a 21-yard field goal from Ortiz​1​.

After halftime, the Beef came back hungry. Traveon Samuel returned a kickoff 50 yards, and Tabyus Taylor bulldozed his way through the Liberty for a touchdown. Add another field goal from Ortiz into the mix, and the Beef were looking tasty with a 35-24 lead at the end of the third quarter​1​.

The final quarter was all about the Beef’s defensive spice. Tamar Heart intercepted a pass and Taylor added another touchdown to the scoreboard. Even with the Liberty scoring a touchdown, the Beef were relentless. Armstrong launched a 42-yard touchdown pass, securing a lead of 20 points. With that, the Beef could practically taste the championship, and as the clock ran out, the celebrations began​1​.

Star players of the night included Armstrong, who rushed for 36 yards and two touchdowns, and Taylor, who bagged two touchdowns with 59 rushing yards. Statham had his moment in the spotlight too, with his 15th interception of the season, tying a CIF record and helping the Beef set a new record with a sizzling turnover margin of plus 30​1​.

And let’s not forget Ortiz, who made history by becoming the first player to successfully drop-kick an extra point try and score a rouge in the same game. This smokin’ victory puts the Beef in an elite club with Duke City, being the only two teams to have won two Champions Bowls, following the Gladiators’ victories in 2018 and 2019​1​.

The Beef’s perfect season and scorching Champions Bowl 8 victory are a testament to their sizzling skills, rare teamwork, and well-done pursuit of excellence. Their historic performance is a juicy piece of CIF history that will be savored by their loyal fans and the wider football community. So here’s to the Omaha Beef, searing their way into the record books!

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