Omaha Beer Week sheds light on the ever-growing craft brewing industry – The Omaha News
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Omaha Beer Week sheds light on the ever-growing craft brewing industry – The Omaha News

By: Zachary Hill, Reporter

OMAHA, Neb.- A craft brewery is an independently owned beer brewing establishment that is known for its creativity and innovation in the industry.

According to the latest study, in 2021, craft brews marked a quarter of the U.S. beer market. Omaha Beer Week is one way the community gets together to celebrate this profession that is so important to the Metro.

Nebraska Craft Brewers Guild Director Brianne Schuler says Omaha Beer Week helps shed light on this perpetually growing art.

“There’s great beers being produced by craft producers all over the country and we want to make sure Nebraskans and Omahans are plugged into the craft brewing scene,” Schuler said.

Hot liquor tank used to heat and maintain water temperature for brews at Upstream Brewing Company on February 18, 2023.

The industry brings more to the community than just great brews. It also provides full time jobs to 4500 folks across the state and rakes in millions of dollars in revenue.

“They’re bringing in money, they’re bringing in jobs, they’re attracting people to destinations and then those folks stay and spend money at other local businesses, restaurants, shops,” Schuler said.

Craft breweries have a social impact as well. First Street Brewing Company Owner Nathan Hoeft says it’s about building communities above making great drinks.

“Everybody, whether they know it or not, are looking for their cheers. They’re looking for that place where they can be part of a community, and honestly, craft breweries are where it’s at,” Hoeft said.

Folks hanging out at Upstream Brewing Company’s Firkin Good Beer! Cask Ale Fest on February 18, 2023.

Each brewer puts their own spin on the blends they make. This creates individualistic, but unique flavors, like Jalapeño Pineapple and Gimme S’more, that they love to share with whoever is inclined to taste.

“I could give one of the other brewers my exact recipe of one of the beers that I make, and when they brew it, it will be different from how I make it,” Hoeft said.

Hoeft says craft brewing is the perfect marriage of art and science that they gain a better knowledge of year after year.

He adds that at the end of the day, what matters the most is creating something not only he wants to drink, but others do too.

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