Omaha drivers face pothole-filled streets – The Omaha News
Omaha News

Omaha drivers face pothole-filled streets – The Omaha News

By: Matt Detlefsen, Reporter

OMAHA, Neb. – The only thing new to Omaha residents about potholes is that it’s just a different year driving with them.

According to a 2020 Cityworks study, there are an estimated 55 million potholes in the U.S., and it feels like they’re all in Omaha. Whether it’s residential areas, college campuses, normal roads or even parking garages, drivers in Omaha pay the price. Millard resident Lamont Allsman said he’s willing to pay the price, just get the potholes fixed.

“I am one of those few people, I have zero problems paying taxes,” said Allsman. “It goes to making everything in our community better, our schools better, everything. Fix the potholes, it’s pretty simple. We spend quite a bit in Millard in taxes.”

A seasoned pothole waiting for unsuspecting cars in the parking lot of the Walgreens on 90th and Dodge. Photo by Matt Detlefsen, March 4, 2023.

Allsman also mentioned that he and his wife prepared for this winter and spring and bought a package through their mechanic for their vehicles that include multiple oil changes and tire repairs.

The people of Omaha know wherever they are in the city from Millard and Gretna to Central and Downtown Omaha, potholes are nearby. According to Omaha Public Works’ Department/Construction Pavement Preservation Project List, there were 68 completed resurfacing projects in 2022, with nine ongoing.

While a number of potholes and streets have been resurfaced, it’s only a matter of time before the fixes break down. Central Omaha resident Gavin Lake said he is just waiting to pay the price.

A previously filled pothole on UNO’s campus that is now broken down and needing to be repaired once again.
Photo by Matt Detlefsen, March 5, 2023.

“If I hit a pothole, I’m kind of screwed,” Lake said. “I’m just waiting for that day where I do hit a pothole, and I kind of just hit it the right way, and I don’t have a way to work.”

Lake said his 2005 Toyota Corolla has been through a lot and he can’t afford to have it ruined or damaged any further.

The Omaha pavement preservation list has over 60 upcoming street projects around the metro area so residents can continue to get around.

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