Outdoor cats need a helping hand in colder months of the year – The Omaha News
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Outdoor cats need a helping hand in colder months of the year – The Omaha News

By: Hannah Wheelock

OMAHA, Neb. – Omaha had over 60,000 feral cats in 2018, and many rely on caretakers to give them the resources they need. In the winter, those resources become much more valuable. 

As temperatures begin to drop, outdoor cat colony caretakers have been taking extra care to help them through the winter.  

Local cat management groups, like The Working Cat Project, have made sure the public knows how to help outdoor cats in the area. Founder, Kathy Robertson, said they cannot do it all by themselves.  

“It’s very very important for people to be willing to learn, educate themselves, to help out with these outside cats.” 

To help, people can put out dry cat food, water and make sure it does not freeze, and allow the cats some kind of shelter in a garage or shed. 

An outdoor cat part of a cat colony in the Benson community located in Omaha, NE. (Photo/Hannah Wheelock) 

While it’s important to keep the cats safe and healthy, it is also important not to put them in a situation they are uncomfortable with. Outdoor cats should never be forced inside, and indoor cats should never be let outside. If they are they will just be stressed, depressed, and simply not know what to do with themselves. 

Instead, make an outdoor shelter for cats to keep warm, dry, and safe. Use things like a garbage bin, plastic tote, or Styrofoam cooler. Feline Friendz member, Lawrence Shackman, gave tips for creating a suitable shelter.  

“You don’t wanna use towels in the wintertime in the shelters because the cats generate heat and then it gets moisture, and so they get wet. So, you’re trying to keep it dry, so you wanna use straw instead of towels in the wintertime.” 

Homemade shelter for outdoor cats in the Benson community located in Omaha, NE. (Photo/Hannah Wheelock)

The work does not stop there. Robertson says it is a year-round responsibility to get cats spayed and neutered to keep them healthy.  

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