Overwatch 2’s Hot New Hero Lifeweaver Leaks, Fans Are Obsessed

Overwatch 2’s Hot New Hero Lifeweaver Leaks, Fans Are Obsessed

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 is revealing its next hero tomorrow, April 4, but the character has already been leaked in a since-pulled article from PCGamesN. While the article in question is down, fans still saw enough to be transfixed by the new support character named Lifeweaver, and that’s because he’s hot and pansexual.

Lifeweaver is the 37th playable character added to the hero shooter, and the ninth to occupy the support role. He uses technology called “biolight” to both heal his teammates and build structures like a platform that lifts players to reach high ground. He also can reposition teammates with an ability called Life Grip that shields and pulls teammates toward him. This can be used to save someone from being knocked off the map, or to just get them out of the line of fire should they find themselves in a compromised position. According to lead hero designer Alec Dawson, this playstyle was meant to give players who maybe have trouble with aiming an alternative way of playing a support character.

“The aim was to create another support hero that didn’t rely on aim skill,” Alec Dawson told PCGamesN. “Lifeweaver is designed for players that care a bit more about their own positioning, their game sense – those are the skills they check on more than necessarily aim skill.”

His ultimate is called Tree of Life, which allows Lifeweaver to create a giant tree structure anywhere on the map, which both emits healing pulses and acts as cover for your team to avoid enemy fire.

But all that being said, the real reason Lifeweaver already has caught both our and the fandom’s attention is because my guy is extremely hot and serving some serious looks alongside his bestie Symmetra. Pretty boy over here is just glowing with his flowing white hair, his open shirt, his giant pink mechanical flower that’s on his back. He’s an icon already and he hasn’t even been properly unveiled.

Anyway, read Kotaku tomorrow, April 4, at 2 p.m. Eastern Time if you want to learn more specifics about Overwatch 2’s new pansexual king.

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