Overwatch Is Literally Buffing Brigitte

Overwatch Is Literally Buffing Brigitte

Image: Blizzard / Kotaku / simonkr (Getty Images)

Fans of Overwatch 2’s shield-bashing support hero, Brigitte, can rejoice, as her arms will soon be restored to their former glory with an update to her new skin.

On Wednesday, Overwatch 2 senior character artist Rakan Khamash told fans (in a now-deleted tweet) that one of Brigitte’s new skins, Sparkplug, will receive a buff in the literal sense of the word. The updated version will give her arms the enhanced muscle definition seen in all her other skins, replacing the twiggy arms the recent skin used to have. Overwatch Cavalry, an Overwatch 2 fan-run news account, showcased what the Sparkplug buff would look like in a GIF that basically added some shadows to Brig’s arm.

Kotaku reached out to Khamash for comment.

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Since Brigitte was first introduced to the series back in 2018, the Swedish support hero stood out from the crowd of healers by adding some body diversity to their samey slim designs. While the update won’t change diddly squat in terms of how she plays (especially considering her recent nerf) and pales in comparison to how buff Brig looked in the Overwatch animated short Honor and Glory, Brigitte mains—who affectionately refer to themselves as Brigbois—took a victory lap online in celebration of her modest muscle update.

“Finally, an Overwatch W we can all agree on,” VibinWithViolet wrote on Twitter.

“I am pleased with this news,” Designer_Bed_4192 (with the nickname “Muscle Mommy Brigitte”) wrote in response to the update on the r/Overwatch subreddit.

“Not the Buff I expected, although it is rightly deserved,” WhenBrigsFly replied in the same post.

“We may have lost PvE but this made up for it!” cosmic_crustacean wrote.

“Yes! We win! Our voices have been heard,” SmogDaBoi wrote in all caps. “Now for lootboxes.”

While her soon-to-be-restored arms still look like bones to me, it’s nice to see happy OW2 fans in this economy.


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