Responses to the “Right to Carry” bill – The Omaha News
Omaha News

Responses to the “Right to Carry” bill – The Omaha News

By: Andrew Kusleika, Reporter

OMAHA, Neb. – As a response to the enactment of LB77 Constitutional Carry, Mayor Jean Stothert has issued an executive order banning weapons on city-owned property. The cities of Omaha and Lincoln have been opposed to the bill since its inception. The same goes for the police chiefs of both cities. 

“We have kind of lost our collective minds as a culture right now, at least a large percentage of the population so it causes me some concern, but I have to fall back on when in doubt the rights belong to the people.” Said 88 Tactical Training Coordinator Trevor Thrasher. Despite his concern, Thrasher still believes that anyone that thinks this bill will result in more mass shootings is “moronic and illogical.” 

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Concealed carry training at locations such as 88 Tactical is no longer required for Nebraska citizens. (Photo/Andrew Kusleika)

The National Bureau of Economic Research released a report stating that “Right to Carry” bills such as LB77 result in a 13% increase in firearm homicide as well as a 29% increase in firearm violent crimes. Gun owner T.J. Peterson still believes it is a constitutional right for people to be able to own guns. 

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A wide variety of firearms from Tactical 88 available for Nebraska citizens to purchase. (Photo/Andrew Kusleika)

As a result of this bill, the Omaha City Council has been forced into repealing 22 city gun ordinances as well as amending eight of them. This was a requirement as LB77 invalidated the ordinances as they were.  

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