Russell Crowe Film Uses Dragon Age Icon For Spanish Inquisition

Russell Crowe Film Uses Dragon Age Icon For Spanish Inquisition

Image: BioWare / Sony Pictures / Kotaku

I haven’t seen The Pope’s Exorcist, the horror movie starring Gladiator and Beautiful Mind actor Russell Crowe out in theaters right now, but it sounds like the film is pretty middling, and that Crowe can’t elevate the poor take on supernatural demons in the Catholic church. Frankly, I hadn’t heard of it before today, and the reason I finally did is actually pretty hysterical. See, the film, which incidentally is billed as being “inspired by the actual files” of the Vatican’s chief exorcist, sees Crowe’s character learning some chilling things about a founder of the Spanish Inquisition. And according to people who have seen the film, it uses art from Dragon Age: Inquisition when referring to the real-world, Spanish one.

The Inquisition in BioWare’s fantasy series is the faction the player commands in the 2014 RPG, and it has a symbol it uses to represent the group throughout. It shows an eye with a sword behind it, which is a reference to two in-universe constellations called Visus and Judex. You see the sigil on armor sets, flags, and other props throughout Dragon Age: Inquisition. On top of showing up in the game and on merchandise, it also shows up if you search “Inquisition symbol” on Google, and it seems like that’s what the Pope’s Exorcist team did for a scene in the film, because they use the Dragon Age iconography in a scene where it’s talking about the Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition, the real-world religious institution that was responsible for centuries of violence against non-Catholics from the 1400s to the 1800s in Spain.

I laugh through the pain because it sounds like we won’t get Dragon Age: Dreadwolf anytime soon, since publisher EA’s earnings report earlier this week said the game wouldn’t be out in 2023. It’s been almost a decade since Dragon Age: Inquisition launched in 2014, so fans have been waiting a long while to see the conclusion to the Solas storyline introduced at the end of that game’s Trespasser DLC. Though the series has had some signs of life through projects like Netflix’s anime series Dragon Age: Absolution, now the most recent thing I’ve seen of Dragon Age has been in a religious horror movie slapping its iconography into a scene without a second thought. Dorian Pavus, I miss you. Call me.

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