Shazam Star Begs To Be In The Last Of Us After Shazam 2 Bombs

Shazam Star Begs To Be In The Last Of Us After Shazam 2 Bombs

Image: DC / Kotaku

Shazam! Fury of the Gods was released in theaters last week to a resounding “meh, okay” from audiences and critics alike. And now its main star and Jordan Peterson admirer, Zachary Levi, is out here on Twitter asking Neil Druckmann to cast him in the next season of the popular HBO Max series, The Last of Us.

Before saying anything else, I liked the first Shazam film a lot! It was a fun, light-hearted superhero action film with some great performances and cool moments. But everything I’ve heard about its recently released sequel has me less enthused. The film currently has a 53% on Rotten Tomatoes and had one of the worst opening weekends for a modern DC film. And it’s likely to only get worse as its reputation as a flop grows over the next few weeks. So, perhaps sensing a sinking ship (that might cost him his future in the larger DC film universe) Shazam star Levi has taken to Twitter to angle for a new gig.

A screenshot shows Levi's tweet asking to be in The Last of Us .

Late last night, Levi posted on his personal Twitter account that he was a big fan of the Last of Us TV show and the PlayStation game it was based on. He even suggested that he loved Naughty Dog’s 2020 The Last of Us Part II even more. Levi’s tweet also explained that he would be “stoked” if he could appear in the series, likely in its upcoming second season. To conclude the tweet he tagged the show’s co-creator and the creative director behind both The Last of Us games, Neil Druckmann.

And as far as I can tell, as of this writing, Druckmann hasn’t responded to Levi’s tweet. Or liked it. And Levi may have just deleted it? So…not great! But hey, it hasn’t been that long. Perhaps Druckmann or someone at HBO Max will see Levi’s attempt to fancast himself in a more successful project and take pity on the actor. Maybe he can be a clicker or a random angry person who kills people. Plenty of those in that wonderfully wicked Last of Us universe.

Or maybe he can play a once-famous rich person who questions science and any attempt at creating a vaccine to help save the world from a deadly pandemic killing millions. He actually has experience with that role!

Funnily enough, it seems like he might have deleted the original tweet already. Though, it’s hard to tell these days because Twitter is mostly broken and a tweet disappearing could mean it was deleted or Elon Musk fired more people.

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