Silent Hill 2 Movie Adaptation Reveals Its Stars

Silent Hill 2 Movie Adaptation Reveals Its Stars

It’s been five months since Konami broke the internet with a cavalcade of video game and movie-related announcements during its Silent Hill showcase. Today, Konami announced a casting update on the upcoming Silent 2 live-action film, which will enter production next month.

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The sequel Silent Hill film, appropriately titled Return to Silent Hill, will star Jeremy Irvine (War Horse) as Silent Hill 2’s “wife guy” James. The press release also confirms that actor Hannah Emily Anderson (Jigsaw) is set to co-star, though it neglected to state who she will play, saying only that James is “broken after being separated from his one true love” and that he goes to the town of Silent Hill in search of her. It seems likely that she will play James’ wife Mary, but that remains speculation at this point.

Alongside Return to Silent Hill’s casting announcement, Konami also confirmed that Christophe Gans, the director of the 2006 Silent Hill film starring Radha Mitchell and Sean Bean, will return to direct this one as well.

Return to Silent Hill is a mythological love story about someone so deeply in love, they’re willing to go to hell to save someone,” Gans wrote in the press release. “I’m delighted to have the wonderful talents of both Jeremy Irvine and Hannah Emily Anderson take us on this journey into a psychological horror world that I hope will both satisfy and surprise fans of Silent Hill.”

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Producer Victor Hadida, who’s also working on a remake of The Crow starring Bill Skarsgård and FKA twigs, said he and Gans have been working to create a Silent Hill film “for the theatrical audiences of today.”

“You will still find the iconic monsters–but there will also be new designs. We are confident that this new film and Konami’s updated game together will propel the Silent Hill franchise forward for years to come,” Hadida said.

Speaking of that “updated game,” a remake of Silent Hill 2, which is being handled by The Medium developers Bloober Team, remains in the works, though no release date or new details have yet been announced.

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