Six Of The Weirdest Nintendo Switch Accessories You Can Buy

Six Of The Weirdest Nintendo Switch Accessories You Can Buy

Image: Armor3 / Amazon / Kotaku

OK, please join Kotaku in the middle of an argument. I maintain this keyboard attachment for the Switch is the silliest thing imaginable. My boss and editor-in-chief, Patricia, maintains it’d be the most fantastically useful device, especially when playing something like Monster Hunter. Pick a side.

I’m afraid that no matter the quality of the argument, I still find this the funniest-looking thing. I can’t imagine trying to play a game with my hands held such a peculiar width apart, let alone work out how I’d navigate my hands to typing on the keyboard in any way that would be useful. Also, that cable! It’s not even wireless!

Despite this, according to answers on Amazon, it doesn’t charge the Joy-Cons while they’re plugged in, although the cable is apparently a lot longer than it looks in the image. But all this aside, I really struggle to imagine times when I want to be typing while using my Switch. The device is an enormous touchscreen! You can type on it just fine! The store page declares, “Makes typing in the eShop search bar and logging in an easy task,” but has anyone ever struggled with that?

Still though, looking at the Amazon reviews, I can’t help but notice people agreeing with Patricia: it seems this really is—and very specifically—the ideal Monster Hunter addition.

However, I have convinced myself with an entirely different angle: It really looks like someone found a way to attach Joy-Cons to a Spectrum 48K, and now that’s all I want in the world.

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