Sonic’s Four New Lego Sets Look Cool As Hell

Sonic’s Four New Lego Sets Look Cool As Hell

Gif: Lego / Sonic / Kotaku

On Wednesday, Lego and the official Sonic the Hedgehog account announced that the blue blur is getting four new grown-up play sets on August 1.

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The four new Lego sets are Sonic’s Green Hill Zone Loop Challenge, Tails’ Workshop and Tornado Plane, Amy’s Animal Rescue Island, and Sonic’s Speed Sphere Challenge. You can check out the Balenciaga-esque narrated announcement trailer (which includes a lot of backseat commentary from Sonic) below.

Sonic the Hedgehog / Lego

If you find yourself at the center of the Lego and Sonic Venn diagram, you’ll no doubt be aware that this isn’t the first time the two have collaborated. Back in 2021, Lego released the Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill Zone set. The colorful brick set included a minifig for Sonic and an Eggman (FKA Dr. Robotnik) who you had to build out of bricks. Now, Eggman gets his own custom-made figure as well, and some keen-eyed fans are already commenting on the “glow-up” that Sonic’s longtime nemesis has received since his previous Lego outing. In his previous Lego incarnation, for instance, his mustache was just an abstract, angular brown shape, while the new and improved version sports a bristly crumb catcher that conveys all the energetic evil we associate with the nefarious character.

That 2021 Green Hill Zone set was designed by UK builder Toastergirl for Lego Ideas, a program in which Lego connoisseurs submit custom creations to be judged by their peers for the chance to become an official Lego set. Other greenlit Lego Ideas sets include the apartment from Friends, the magical trunk from Harry Potter, and a very nice-looking typewriter.

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The four upcoming Sonic Lego sets, much like the other grown-up sets listed above, will cost a pretty penny when they release on August 1, so let’s give you a closer look at what they’ll include as well as their respective price tags.

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