Spooky New Alan Wake 2 Trailer Shows Off Live-Action Cinematics

Spooky New Alan Wake 2 Trailer Shows Off Live-Action Cinematics

Gif: Remedy Entertainment / Kotaku

Mixing video game graphics and live-action cutscenes is something of a Remedy tradition at this point, with the studio having done it in games like Quantum Break and Control in recent years. And Remedy seems to be doing it again with Alan Wake 2, as seen in the latest trailer for the horror game shown at this year’s Gamescom Opening Night Live.

The trailer delves into the titular writer’s descent into madness and his memory loss that plays into the layered psychological horror story the game is telling. The interesting thing about this new footage is that it’s made up of both in-game cinematics and gameplay, with live-action scenes played by the same actors they’re modeled after.

Check out the latest Alan Wake 2 trailer here:

Remedy Entertainment

The whole thing looks real spooky, and Remedy still clearly excels in its ability to capture a vibe with striking visual motifs. I still don’t really know what Alan is running from in half these scenes, but I’m scared for him, and that’s how you know it’s effective.

Alan Wake 2 is set to launch on October 27 for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S after a brief delay. In less exciting news, the game won’t be getting a physical release on store shelves, a move Remedy says is so the team doesn’t have to put a lesser version of the game on discs that would be manufactured and sent to retailers before the game is really ready.

The long-awaited sequel is two months out, but we got a chance to see the game in action back at Summer Game Fest in June. Kotaku senior editor Alyssa Mercante said it might be Remedy’s best game yet, and given the studio’s pedigree, that’s a big deal.

“With Alan Wake 2, it’s clear that Remedy is doubling down on the series’ twisted, brilliant plot, while also bringing its gameplay into the modern day with necessary upgrades,” she wrote in her preview.

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