“Staying Fit and Having Fun: A Comprehensive Family Guide to Omaha 2023
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“Staying Fit and Having Fun: A Comprehensive Family Guide to Omaha 2023

Spending quality time with your family is a priceless experience. Enjoying those moments while staying fit and healthy is even better. To inspire you and help you plan your next active family adventure in Omaha, we’ve prepared a list of 10 local activities that combine fun, fitness, and family bonding.

  1. Bird Watching and Nature Hikes

A walk through Omaha’s beautiful parks is a great way to exercise while enjoying nature’s bounty. Two of the best parks for nature hikes and bird watching are the Heron Haven and Fontenelle Forest.

Heron Haven, located at 11809 Old Maple Rd, is an unexpected slice of nature in the city. With its well-maintained trails and abundant wildlife, it’s a perfect location for a leisurely afternoon stroll or bird-watching adventure. The best part? Admission is absolutely free.

Fontenelle Forest, found at 1111 Bellevue Blvd N, Bellevue, NE, offers hiking and bird-watching experiences with membership costs between $50-$70. But did you know you can request a free family day pass through your local library? Be sure to check out the Invasive Species Hike and the popular 10.2-mile Hawthorne to Marsh to Missouri Loop.

  1. Swimming

When the summer heat is high, take the family for a refreshing dip at Omaha’s indoor and outdoor pools. Spring Lake Pool, Cryer Pool, Montclair Swimming Pool, and Mockingbird Hills offer a fantastic setting for a swimming workout or a day of water fun. Both Spring Lake Pool and Cryer Pool have the summer season running from June 5 to August 6 with minimal admission costs. For indoor pool fun, visit Mockingbird Hills or Montclair Swimming Pool.

  1. Cycling

Cycling is a fantastic way to explore Omaha’s scenic landscapes. Keystone Trail, Walnut Creek Recreational Trail, and Jewell Park Mountain Bike Trail offer excellent cycling paths for families. Keystone Trail, with an entrance at 5005 Virginia St, offers a flat, 20-mile trail ideal for long, leisurely bike rides. Walnut Creek Recreational Trail, located at 11601 S 96th St, Papillion, NE, is a three-mile long path perfect for biking, birding, fishing, and even camping. For more experienced bikers, Jewell Park Mountain Bike Trail offers a one-mile trail with challenging ascents and exhilarating descents.

  1. Sightseeing Walks

Get your steps in while taking in Omaha’s breathtaking sights. The Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, found at 705 Riverfront Dr, offers a mile and a half of scenic river views, while Zorinsky Lake Park, located at 3808 S. 154 St, provides an eight-mile trail around a beautiful lake.

  1. Museum Visits

Museums can offer a great way to get some walking in while expanding your mind. Visit the Strategic Air Command and Space Museum or The Durham Museum. The former, located at 28210 West Park Highway, Ashland, NE, is a testament to Nebraska’s contribution to air and space technology. The latter, found at 801 S 10th St, provides a unique glimpse into 20th-century history, art, and culture.

  1. Dancing

If your family loves to move to the beat, check out Bar 415, The Max, or Firewater Grille. Each offers a unique atmosphere for dancing. The Max, for example, is a lively dance club with admission prices between $3-$10, while Bar 415 is a 20-year-old establishment known for its loud electronic dance music. For those interested in Latin dances, the Nebraska Salsa Scene at Firewater Grille offers dance classes and parties for just $10.

  1. Picnicking

Pack a healthy picnic and head to Neale Woods, Chalco Hills Recreational Area, or Hitchcock Nature Center. All three areas offer picnic tables and diverse outdoor activities like hiking, bird watching, fishing, or simply enjoying the scenery.

  1. Gym Membership

Joining a gym is a serious investment in your health. Omaha has numerous fitness centers like YMCA, Life Time Fitness, Omaha Barbell, Blue Moon Fitness, and Planet Fitness. These gyms offer various facilities and programs suitable for different fitness levels, from weight lifting to swimming and yoga.

  1. Dog Parks

If you’re a pet owner, the parks of Beardmore Freedom Dog Park, Hanscom Park Pavilion, and Dewey Park offer a great opportunity for you and your pet to stay active. All three parks have designated dog areas, with Dewey Park offering an obstacle course and a splash pad for hot days.

  1. Music Venues

Live music is an excellent backdrop for movement and fun. The Down Under Lounge, The Waiting Room, Culxr House, Slowdown, Brokedown Palace, and Shakedown Street Tavern are some of the best venues in Omaha for live music. Whether you prefer jamming to a local band’s tunes at The Waiting Room or experiencing an art battle at Culxr House, these venues promise a fun, music-filled night.

With this fitness guide, Omaha becomes more than just a city. It’s your personal playground for fitness, fun, and family bonding. Enjoy every moment and stay healthy, Omaha!

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