Steam Remote Play Is Getting Prettier With 4K Streaming

Steam Remote Play Is Getting Prettier With 4K Streaming

Image: Valve / Kotaku

If you make use of Steam’s very handy Remote Play service and you own a 4Kscreen with which you like to stream to, good news: Remote Play is on its way to supporting a wonderful 3840×2160 resolution. You’ll need to grab the beta client of Steam to get it working right now, but it’s a welcome addition to a pretty awesome service.

Steam’s Remote Play service lets you run a game locally on one machine and stream it to a compatible device or display elsewhere. It’s a handy way to let a more powerful computer crunch those pixels while you enjoy the game from virtually anywhere you can connect a compatible device to the internet. And until recently, those making use of the streaming service were limited to a 1080p image. And in 2023, that just won’t do.

As reported by PCGamesN, the August 14 update to the Steam Client Beta added the new 4K option for Remote Play streaming. That means you can use Nvidia’s Shield, computers running Windows, Linux, macOS, or even iOS and Apple TV devices to stream a 4K image. But those aren’t the only updates.

Big Picture Mode, which lets Steam take over the whole screen for a console-like interface on your computer, saw a couple of fixes (those who use this feature should be familiar with odd quirks here and there) and the “reliability of Back button” has also been improved.

But if you want to take advantage of these fixes and the new 4K feature now, you’ll need to move over to the Steam Client Beta.

How to switch to Steam Client Beta

Using the Steam Client Beta is a fairly straightforward process.

Simply click on “Steam” in the app or go to “Preferences” on macOS and under “Interface,” you’ll find “Client Beta Participation” three options down. Choose “Steam Beta Update” from the dropdown menu and after hitting “OK” and a quick restart of the app, you’ll be on the beta channel.

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Steam itself received a full facelift back in June of this year, with better navigation prompts and a cleaner, more modern interface.

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