Survivor Is On Sale Barely A Week After Release

Survivor Is On Sale Barely A Week After Release

Though Respawn Entertainment’s gargantuan Metroidvania Star Wars Jedi: Survivor was only released a few days ago, on April 28, the $70 game is already $10 off. Amazon recently added a sneaky “apply $10 coupon” box you can click while purchasing physical copies for PS5 and Xbox Series X online.

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The $10 coupon also applies to the $90 Deluxe version of the physical PS5 game, but strangely, not to the Xbox Series X copy, which is instead listed at a 7 percent discount of $83. To incense gaming device loyalists even further, there are no discounts listed for any of Amazon’s digital codes of the game.

Sorry! Take it up with Bezos, not me.

This will, again, disappoint PC players, but console owners have another Jedi: Survivor deal to consider, too, if $10 from Bezos doesn’t sound like a sweet enough deal. Target is offering free $10 gift cards to PS5 and Xbox Series X owners when they purchase either a standard or deluxe copy of the game online. That way, you’re not only spending nearly $100 on a video game, you’re spending nearly $100 on a video game, and you can get a “free” three-wick candle.

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You’ll certainly want to get yourself comfortable while playing this massive sequel. “Survivor feels huge, dense, and super got-dang expensive,” Lucas White writes in his review of the game for Kotaku, “and after just a few hours of playing the game’s action-packed intro on Coruscant […] its heart-stopping 150GB download size started making sense.”

“Despite playing for around 30 hours before seeing Survivor’s credits, I ended up leaving much of its world(s) unexplored,” he continues. “This is an ambitious Metroidvania that straddles the line between meticulous level design and open-world map game, that also desperately wants to tell a profound Star Wars story about found family, faulty institutions, and the personal costs of resistance.” Let your personal cost be $10 less, at least.

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