Survivor Trailer Brings Cal Back To Coruscant

Survivor Trailer Brings Cal Back To Coruscant

Ahead of its April 28 launch, developer Respawn Entertainment shared one last look at Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, complete with a Stormtrooper force thrown directly into a TIE-fighter. It also showed off Cal’s return to Coruscant, his home before the Jedi were wiped out at the end of the Clone Wars.

The final trailer debuted over the weekend at Star Wars Celebration 2023 and is a good summary of everything the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sequel is trying to do: be even bigger, better, and more action-packed than the first game. Budding Jedi Knight Cal Kestis faces down all manner of Star Wars foes, from Rancors to Droidekas, eventually making his way to the Imperial Palace on Coruscant where the order to slaughter his force-wielding friends was originally called in.

Here’s the full trailer:

Coruscant was teased as a location in a previous story trailer, but the new footage points to the capitol city potentially playing a sizable role in Jedi: Survivor. Now some fans are speculating that the bustling metropolitan planet might be fully explorable, but Electronic Arts clarified over the weekend that that’s not necessarily the case, confirming Coruscant as a new destination but not necessarily a big open world environment. There will seemingly be at least a big battle or two, though, as well as a few pretty cutscenes.

We already knew that lightsabers would be more powerful in the sequel, lopping off limbs and leaving scorch marks behind on enemies more like how the sci-fi weapons function in the movies. Cal is clearly going to be stronger as well. He has a bear now after all. Still, watching him throw a Stormtrooper at a TIE-Fighter is an incredible touch. I can’t turn my eyes away.

Jedi: Survivor releases later this month on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC where players are already preparing their SSD storage for its massive 150GB install size. EA might as well sell a special edition storage expansion card alongside the game. It could look like a little droid. May the extra space be with us.


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