Tears of the Kingdom Begins

Tears of the Kingdom Begins

Between March’s gameplay deep-dive and April’s meaty launch trailer, we know way more about The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom than we did at the start of the year. Even now, however, we’re continuing to get new information, like where Link starts the game and a possible first look at how deep underground he’ll go.

Following the April 13 trailer, a dedicated webpage for Tears of the Kingdom went live, as spotted by IGN. In addition to general information about the game that we already knew, the site reveals that Link will start his journey in the sequel not on Hyrule’s surface but on one of its new floating islands. “It’s there our hero will have to gain new abilities before returning to the surface world to begin his epic adventure,” a description reads.

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That certainly makes it sound like the first island will work similar to Breath of the Wild’s Great Plateau starting area where players were introduced to Shrines and new gameplay mechanics before setting out to explore the rest of the game’s sprawling open world. It could also suggest that Link’s big fall through the sky in the final trailer might be from his first time leaving Tears of the Kingdom’s initial floating island area.

Alongside this official detail, a leaked commercial for the game appeared on the Zelda subreddit as well, teasing a few more interesting tidbits. The ad shows the game being played in both handheld mode and docked. In handheld mode, we get a confirmed glimpse of a Gleeok, the hydra-like dragon from the very first Zelda, chasing Link across a bridge with a name that implies there may be many more of them throughout the world. Docked, we see Link shoot an arrow at a plant to light up a mysterious forest.

Most importantly, the footage in the forest shows a Z coordinate on the minimap of -470, implying the location is deep underground. With Tears of the Kingdom showcasing Link flying on a mechanical glider between islands in the sky, fans have wondered if the Hero of Time would get to explore in the opposite direction as well, and the leaked commercial seems to confirm that, at least secrets—and potentially entire dungeons,will be hidden deep below Hyrule’s surface.

Tears of the Kingdom comes to Switch on May 12, and news seems likely to continue spilling out between now and then, especially if the entire game leaks early at some point. The leak of the game’s artbook in February has already led Nintendo to subpoena Discord in an attempt to find out who was responsible.

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