Tears Of The Kingdom Fans Still Aren’t Over Sidon’s Fiance

Tears Of The Kingdom Fans Still Aren’t Over Sidon’s Fiance

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

You know, I’ve gotta admire the bravery of Nintendo’s social teams to post even one single tweet about Yona, Sidon’s surprise fiance in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. However, I also doubt they were that shocked to see fans, slighted by her taking Link’s boyfriend away from him, rolled in with the good jokes.

The post itself is innocuous enough. We’re two months removed from Tears of the Kingdom’s launch, so we can post about characters who are “spoilers” without anyone getting justifiably mad. The tweet talks about her concern with the sludge problem in Zora’s Domain during the game’s main quest. It also, of course, mentions that she’s planning a wedding with Sidon, the sexy shark man that fans have been shipping romantically with Link with since Breath of the Wild in 2017.

If you weren’t incredibly online and into the Zelda fandom, you wouldn’t think anything of this. If you’re that person, you would also be pretty confused scrolling down to the comments and seeing the good jokes people are making about the situation. But you could probably suss out that Nintendo just hard launched Sidon’s new bae, and the jealous Link and Sidon shippers are in the comments demanding blood. But even so, it feels like everyone is in on the joke, and knew that this was inevitably the reaction Yona gets from the community. Typically, hopefully, all in good fun.

Honestly, as much as it pains me to admit it, my Sidon/Link ship is mostly a gag at this point because after the ending of Tears of the Kingdom, I’m so, so, so on the Link and Zelda are together now train it’s not even funny. Perhaps one day, the rest of my Sidon/Link ship brethren will can find similar peace, and know that even if Sidon marries Yona, she will not outlive the statue of Link riding Sidon that sits in Zora’s Domain.

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