Tears of the Kingdom Weapons Break Just Like BOTW

Tears of the Kingdom Weapons Break Just Like BOTW

Nintendo dropped a wild 10-minute look at the highly anticipated sequel, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK), today. We saw new abilities, the Sky Islands our Himbo of Time can ascend to, and the enemies he’ll encounter in Hyrule. We also learned weapon degradation has made a return, but it’s not all doom and gloom. Link can create killing tools this time around, too.

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Tears of the Kingdom is the upcoming sequel to 2017’s smash hit, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Launching on May 12 for Nintendo Switch, TotK expands on many aspects of its predecessor, like allowing for better traversal via vehicles and implementing new vertical exploration. The game also retains many elements from its predecessor, such as its open-world setting and combat mechanics. Weapon degradation is also back in TotK, much to my chagrin, but Link now has some new abilities to alleviate that frustration.

Link can fuse to create new weapons

Producer Eiji Aonuma sat down to play about 10 minutes of TotK in a video uploaded to the official Nintendo of America YouTube channel. While he showed off some new features, like the rune ability Recall, Aonuma also engaged with a brand-new enemy known as a construct. Similar in aesthetic to the guardians from BotW, Aonuma battled the construct with a branch Link just picked up. As you might expect, the durability of the wood didn’t last long as it shattered into a million wood chips right before Link’s eyes during combat.

Aonuma scooped up another branch and killed the construct, but not before the new branch was “badly damaged,” text I absolutely hated reading while playing BotW. Once done with the fight, Aonuma showed another of Link’s abilities.

Nintendo of America

After exploring more of the Sky Island, Aonuma came up to a boulder sitting on a cliffside. With the “badly damaged” branch in Link’s hand, Aonuma highlighted the boulder and fused it with the piece of wood, creating a “makeshift hammer.” This fuse ability is a new option in Link’s toolkit, allowing him to stick objects together to create new weapons with various effects. So you could for example take a short weapon and make it much longer, though Aonuma hinted that the possibilities are expansive.


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