The 10 Best Moments In The Invasion Story Mission

The 10 Best Moments In The Invasion Story Mission

Screenshot: Blizzard Entertainment / Kotaku

While it isn’t quite the cinematic catharsis as seeing the new Overwatch squad reunite in the Zero Hour reveal trailer from Blizzcon 2019, which still stands tall as an all-time Overwatch moment, seeing the team’s next generation finally come together at Watchpoint Gibraltar, the old team’s original base of operations, is enough to make a long-time Overwatch fan’s heart explode. This moment is the convergence of two groups: Winston’s originally recalled heroes, and Cassidy’s new recruits he rounded up in the New Blood comic series. Baptiste, D.Va, Zarya, and Pharah joining the old heroes lets us finally see the team together outside of PvP matches.

It’s fascinating that some of the best moments in Overwatch 2’s story missions are tinged with a relief that they’re finally happening when, eventually, the honeymoon phase will end and give way for more concern and criticism. Because while I was absolutely caught up in the moment, seeing a cast of over a dozen heroes finally come together under one roof reminds me there is almost no chance Overwatch 2’s story mode can possibly spotlight them all. It’s natural in an ensemble cast for some characters to sway in the background while others get the starring roles in the play.

Overwatch 2 does give each hero some dialogue during missions that can vary depending on your team’s composition, but by and large, each mission feels pretty much focused on a handful of characters while the other heroes are there to quip and look pretty like they’re in an Avengers movie. But with a cast of over 30 heroes, there was never going to be a version of this narrative that gave everyone equal time on the stage, so I’m curious to see who the Overwatch 2 story missions are really “about” moving forward.

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