The 12 Fastest Cars In GTA Online 2023

The 12 Fastest Cars In GTA Online 2023

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So, you wanna go fast? You wanna win every race? Well, I can’t help with that last one because racing is more about skill and luck than the car you drive, but I can help you go faster with this handy-dandy list of the top 10 fastest cars in Grand Theft Auto Online. 

Update 3/10/2023: It’s been just over a year since we first posted our list of the 10 fastest cars in GTA Online and not too much has changed. However, we’ve added two new cars to the list following some updates and the arrival of next-gen-exclusive upgrades.

There are, shall we say, a lot of cars, trucks, motorcycles, and assorted other conveyances in GTA Online. In fact, after years of updates and free expansions, GTA Online now contains nearly 700 drivable vehicles. While that list includes motorcycles, planes, and boats, the vast majority of these controllable vehicles are cars. And as one would expect, these models differ significantly, with most having their own top speeds, handling stats, and other qualities that set them apart from the other cars cruising the streets of San Andreas.

With all that in mind, it can be overwhelming for new or returning players to figure out which car to buy. And while the fastest car in the game isn’t necessarily the best car to buy, GTA Online lets you own quite a few cars, assuming you have the money to burn and a garage or two to stash them in, and it’s not a bad idea to own at least one really fast car. They tend to be great for getting around the city or escaping other players, and most importantly, you can use them to beat your friends in races and brag about it afterward.

To help you earn some bragging rights, maybe win some races, and just generally have some fun, here are the fastest cars in GTA Online based on various tests and stats collected from Broughy1322, an expert on all the vehicles in the game.

(Note that for this list we aren’t looking at just the top speed, but also overall lap times, price, and other factors. Also, we are only looking at cars that can actually be used in online track races with other players. So no wild rocket cars.)

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