The 14 Weirdest And Strangest Star Wars Names

The 14 Weirdest And Strangest Star Wars Names

Image: Lucasfilm / Disney / Topps / Kotaku

The Star Wars universe is massive and getting bigger yearly as Disney and Lucasfilm continue creating new shows, movies, games, and more. And as with anything this big, some weirder bits can be found. For example, Star Wars has some very odd and funny names.

Before we begin listing the weirdest names in Star Wars, just a heads up: Some of these names are connected to characters who are no longer canon, meaning they don’t technically exist in the main timeline of the movies and shows. But just because they aren’t canon doesn’t make them any less funny or strange. I won’t let Disney’s purchase of Star Wars stop me from joking about Luke’s clone or that Jedi from the animated Clone Wars mini-series who looked a lot like a famous cartoon stoner. Oh and just because a name is on this list doesn’t mean it’s bad. Weird can be good. In fact, it often is in Star Wars!

Anyway, here are the 14 weirdest and strangest names from that famous galaxy far, far away…

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