The 23 Best PS2 Games That Still Hold Up In 2023

The 23 Best PS2 Games That Still Hold Up In 2023

Image: Evan Amos / Kotaku / s_maria (Shutterstock)

It’s the best-selling home video game console of all time. So yeah, the PlayStation 2 has some good games. But which of them are the best?

We’ve put this list (which is not in any kind of order or ranking) together based on a couple of considerations. Firstly, the list includes our own personal favorites from the time, of course. But also, given the fact we’ve got some perspective on the PS2 now, we wanted to acknowledge some special games that defined the PS2 experience, the kinds of games that we maybe only ever got because of the combination of the console’s place in time and its market dominance.

Before we begin, though, please remember to spare us your sob stories. If your favourite PS2 game isn’t here, chin up. Just because we didn’t dig a game—or didn’t think it was good or weird enough to make a list called THE BEST, or felt it was more deserving of going on another platform’s list (Rez, Resident Evil 4, etc)—doesn’t make your own feelings on it somehow invalid!

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