The Best And Worst Parts Of Every Resident Evil Game

The Best And Worst Parts Of Every Resident Evil Game

Image: Capcom

Best: Leon’s Campaign: For Resident Evil 6, Capcom went big, including multiple single player campaigns featuring different classic Resident Evil characters. And Leon’s campaign is the best by far, featuring classic Resident Evil settings and zombies. It eventually goes off the rails, like all of RE6, but it’s nice while it lasts.

Worst: Everything Else: I do hate kicking RE6 while it’s down, but even someone like me—a person who has played the game multiple times and enjoyed it in co-op—can’t lie and say it’s actually a great game. It’s campy and action-packed, sure, but it’s barely a Resident Evil game and at times feels more like a generic third-person shooter with some admittedly pretty visuals.

It was clear, the series needed another Resident Evil 4-like shake-up after this entry and that’s exactly what we got next.

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