The Best Way To Get Tears Of the Kingdom’s Hylian Rice

The Best Way To Get Tears Of the Kingdom’s Hylian Rice

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

Hylian Rice is a pretty rare commodity in Tears of the Kingdom, but several recipes use it and a few quests even require it. If you’re having trouble tracking down the stuff, there are a couple ways to pocket the ingredient throughout Hyrule, though some are simpler than others.

Just buy Hylian Rice in one of the major villages

If you’re anything like me, you want solutions to be fast and you want them to be easy. As is the case in the real world, Hyrule only offers fast and easy solutions in the form of monetary recompense. So you can just go to a town like Hateno Village and buy Hylian Rice from East Wind General Goods at the southwestern edge of the town. They cost 12 rupees each, so they’re pretty cheap all things considered. You can find them in the general stores of most of the big towns, including Zora’s Domain, Gerudo Town, and Korok Forest. Beedle, the traveling merchant you’ll find at stables and other places around Hyrule, will also have Hylian Rice in stock, but only some of the time. Your best bet is to check one of the stores in the cities.

Link is seen standing in a pond with weapon drawn cutting grass to find Hylian Rice.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

But I’m broke, how else do I get Hylian Rice?

Really, the most reliable way to get Hylian Rice is just buying it, to the point where I would say your time is better spent earning rupees in other side quests rather than trying to find this stuff in the wild. But if you’re trying to be frugal, you can find Hylian Rice in bodies of water that are shallow enough to walk through and cut down the grass growing in them. An easy example is the pond surrounding the Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower in East Necluda. But be warned, the drop rate is incredibly low, so if you’re trying to find Hylian Rice in bulk, this will be pretty time-consuming.

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You got your Hylian rice. Now what?

Hylian Rice is part of recipes for dishes like the Meat and Rice Bowl and Crab Risotto, but they’re also used to make White Dye in Hateno Village’s dye shop. One point where you actually need Hylian Rice to progress is during the Lucky Clover Gazette quests. In quests like Gourmets Gone Missing and Gloom-borne Illness, you have to cook a dish that requires Hylian Rice. So be sure to stock up on it next time you pass through a village.

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