The Fortnite and Futurama Crossover Is Here And It’s Perfect

The Fortnite and Futurama Crossover Is Here And It’s Perfect

Good news, everyone! We’ve got our first look at what Futurama characters actually look like in Fortnite now that the collab has gone live in the battle royale shooter. Fry, Bender, and Leela are now available in the Item Shop as playable outfits. There are also some neat variants on these outfits, a new gun, and more.

Fortnite is no stranger to crossovers from other media universes. Characters from well-loved franchises have long been one of the highlights of the wildly popular battle royale. The addition of Futurama, however, is such a great fit that it’s a wonder it hasn’t happened sooner. Known for eccentric, absurd, and memorable humor, the spirit of Futurama is likely to be well received in the game, joining the massive roster of characters from other cartoons, video game series, and comics. The update arrives just as the show returns from a 10-year absence.

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New outfits feature Universe 1 alternates, pickaxes, and back bling

Each of the new outfits feature an in-universe variant, each based on the character’s Universe 1 version, which was introduced in Futurama in season four with “The Farnsworth Paradox.” Each character also receives a unique pickaxe and back bling.

Bender will wield an unbendable girder pickaxe, with Ben Rodríguez as his back bling. Fry gets the alluring hypnotoad as his back bling, along with a giant nutcracker pickaxe. And our one-eyed gal Leela gets a solid gold fiddle as her pickaxe with nibbler as her back bling.

The Futurama crossover also includes a Planet Express ship glider and (you knew this was coming) a Zoidberg scuttle emote.

Fortnite is also adding Bender’s shiny metal raygun as a discoverable weapon from now until version 25.30. You can either find it randomly on the map or purchase it from Bender (who’s now also an NPC) at the Pier in Mega City. As a note: Bender’s shiny metal raygun won’t be available in tournaments.

Unvaulted weapons and new reality augments

The latest Fortnite update also includes another new gun (unrelated to Futurama): the Mammoth Pistol, a single-shot, heavy ammo weapon found throughout the island. There’s also a Pistol Recycle Reality Augment which gives your pistol shots a chance to fire at no ammo cost. Epic Games has also unvaulted the Desperate Reality Augment, allowing for faster reloads on an empty mag.

Scoped weapons will also get a boost with the Scoped Salvo augment, adding increased damage to scoped shots in exchange for a decreased fire rate.

Finally, the Lever Action Shotgun has been unvaulted, now discoverable across the island.

The Futurama and Fortnite crossover update is available today, July 26, 2023.

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