The Gathering Clone Has A Fan-Made Digital App

The Gathering Clone Has A Fan-Made Digital App

Screenshot: Pixelborn / Kotaku

Lorcana, Disney’s trading card game, has transformed from a physical experience to a digital one thanks to a fan-made app out now on PC.

Announced in August 2022, Disney’s Lorcana lets you collect various characters from the company’s deep library, like Goofy and Mickey, to duke it out with your friends. Think of it like Magic: the Gathering or the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Now, though, instead of playing on just a physical board, you and friends can take the bout to a computer through Pixelborn, a free, third-party digital client.

Pixelborn turns Lorcana into a Hearthstone-like, according to Dicebreaker, letting you access a digital collection, card backs, and deck customization. While it’s free to access and use, if you subscribe to the team’s Patreon, you’ll also get ranked and direct PvP matches, as well as detailed statistics. Led by developer Pavel Kolev, the Pixelborn team ensured no trace of Disney was left in the online engine to swerve past any copyright problems, which is why you’ll mostly see grayed-out images on cards. As Dicebreaker explained, cards will stay gray until a player uploads images to the digital client.


At any rate, Pixelborn appears to work as intended as evidenced by the above video. Dicebreaker reports that the version currently available supports a typical 1v1 match you would see in Hearthstone with a clean layout that’s easy to read and use. Though the digital client could stand to add a bit more polish here and there, the project already has a dedicated following, according to Dicebreaker, with folks competing on the leaderboard. Pixelborn is available on Mac and PC. A mobile version with crossplay and shared collections is also in the works. You can download Pixelborn directly from Kolev’s Twitter.

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