The Most Powerful Water Gun In The World Looks Unreal

The Most Powerful Water Gun In The World Looks Unreal

Fellow mischief-makers, a new toy of soft destruction awaits our consideration. It’s called the SpyraThree, and it claims to be the world’s most powerful water gun. Based on its specs, I’m inclined to believe it. With a “tactical display,” three firing modes, and an auto-pressurizing reload feature, this thing looks like it was pulled straight out of Apex Legends. I need one yesterday, damn it.

Spyra first hit the tactical water gun scene back in 2018 with a Kickstarter for its first model, the SpyraOne. The battery-powered device was notable for its ease of reloading: Simply dip it into any body of water and it would refill itself automatically—no pumping required—and it boasted a firing range of 25 feet. The new SpyraThree, however, has a base range of just over 30 feet, with a “PowerShot” that’ll expand the range to 50. I’m surprised you don’t need a license to use this…then again, it resembles a gun, so living in America at least, I probably shouldn’t be surprised at that. It does cost $179, so it ain’t cheap, but uh, summer’s around the corner folks, so start saving your chewing gum money.

At just under five pounds, it weighs about half of a PlayStation 5 and has a total length of 27 inches. The tactical display positioned just below the iron sights (plastic sights?) should be familiar to most gamers and will let you know how much battery juice and ammo (water) you’ve got left.

According to The Verge, that battery life will get you through 100 reloads of 22 shots, each blast packing 30ml of water. Volume wise, that’s about half of an average-sized 5-Hour Energy Drink per shot, or about the size of a standard NyQuil dose cup. (No word from Spyra as to whether the SpyraThree is recommended for administering medicine. I’m going to assume yes.)

You’ll get three fire modes: “freestyle” fires a single shot; burst fires a three-round burst that’d make Master Chief very happy; and a “League mode” simulates ammo clips and occasionally needs “reload” periods. Spyra adds on its page that, “Individual shots are strong but not painful. Part of the fun factor is that you feel the hit, but shouldn’t be knocked out by it.”

That’s nice. I think it’s great when water guns don’t cause you to lose consciousness. Really good feature. And, side note, those M. Night Shyamalan aliens are fucked.


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