The Nebraska Interscholastic Cycling Series sparks a new community – The Omaha News
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The Nebraska Interscholastic Cycling Series sparks a new community – The Omaha News

By: Ben Copeland

OMAHA, Neb. – The Nebraska Interscholastic Cycling League, or the NICL, held their third weekend event of the 2023 season this weekend at Tranquility Park, where middle and high school students from across Nebraska come together to cycle.  

The race had athletes biking through gravel, tree roots, and up and over a hill to finish each lap. But as exciting as the races are, League Director Bree Campbell says that a lot of her excitement comes from the number of athletes participating this year.  

“It’s kind of exploded,” says Bree. “So, our first year in 2020, we only had 58 athletes and now we are at 203. So, it’s definitely growing and it’s not going to stop.”  

Student athletes beginning the race at Triumph at Tranquility, hosted by the NICL at Tranquility Park. (Photo/Ben Copeland)

The organization’s predecessor, the Nebraska Interscholastic Cycling Series, was started in 2014 by Millard West Head Coach Ryan Mosely and his brother, before the Nebraska league was founded in 2019. The NICL is committed to bringing Nebraska students together through a cycling community, something Ryan Moseley had always hoped it would be.   

“It’s not like any other sport, you know?” Ryan Moseley says. “We don’t cut people; we don’t put them on the bench. If a kid wants to participate and race, he can. If he wants to come out and cruise for a few laps, he can. Or if he wants to be hyper-competitive, that’s fine too.” 

Sign reminding student athletes to not ride their bikes outside of the designated areas. (Photo/Ben Copeland)

In addition to racing, the NICL currently offers other programs including leaders’ summits for coaches, Grit, which focuses in female recruitment, and NICA Adventure, which allows youth to experience community, camaraderie, and of course mountain biking. 

The league’s next event is called Branched Oak Braaap, and will be held on Oct. 14 and 15 in Raymond, Nebraska. 

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