The Nebraska Questers, keeping Nebraska history alive – The Omaha News
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The Nebraska Questers, keeping Nebraska history alive – The Omaha News

By: Gracie Goos

OMAHA, Neb. – They promote lifelong learning through member research, programs, and tours of historical sites and museums. “It’s fun to seek and a joy to find” is the motto of the Questers.

Questers members also unite to champion restoration and the preservation of artifacts in each state to safeguard them for present and future generations. 

The international president, Lorraine Jeffus, explained that the organization originated as an antique group in 1944 during the war. Bess Barden, a woman who noticed that the women in the Red Cross office were depressed, sought to uplift their spirits. She had purchased a small antique syrup jar, which piqued her coworkers’ interest. As a result, she became an antique expert in the office. 

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The Questers held their September meeting at the St. Johns Geek Orthodox Church where they received a tour and an authentic Greek experience. (Photo/Gracie Goos)

Barden then established local chapters, which expanded nationwide and were further subdivided into state, city, or county chapters. 

If you’re wondering whether you possess any artifacts that might interest the group, they focus on various items such as perfume bottles, coins, and even arrowheads. 

The Questers are not only in search of new artifacts; they also welcome younger members. 

“Mainly because if we don’t educate young people on how to preserve, restore, and appreciate items from the past, we risk repeating history, as Santiago said,” said La Bell Vue chapter president Laurel Zielinski.  

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An Artifact display from Nebraska Questers State Day 2022. (Photo/Gracie Goos)

If you identify as a young historian or collector, the group holds monthly meetings from September to May. Guests are encouraged to attend and discover the enjoyment in seeking and the joy of finding.

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