The ongoing fight for Medical Marijuana in Nebraska – The Omaha News
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The ongoing fight for Medical Marijuana in Nebraska – The Omaha News

By: Madison Bonin, Reporter

OMAHA, Neb. – LB 588 is the newest piece of legislation looking to legalize medical marijuana in Nebraska. Reporter Madison Bonin sits down with two moms whose sons’ lives would be completely changed with the legalization of medical marijuana.

Teddy Bronson and Jayen Hochstein are two normal little boys living with intractable epilepsy. A seizure disorder where medicine does not work to stop them.

Coined by the National Library for Medicine as Neurology’s silent killer drug resistant epilepsy makes up 30% of people diagnosed with epilepsy.

But according to the Epilepsy foundation there is a drug that has been proven in multiple studies to stop drug resistant epilepsy seizures. That drug is Medical Marijuana.

Jayen Hochstein (left) and Teddy Bronson (right) are each pictured here at one of their many hospital stays due to intractable Epilepsy. (Photo/Nicole Hochstein)

Jayen’s mom, Nicole Hochstein says they have tried countless medicine combinations for Jayen and many brain surgeries to try and stop his seizures, but they keep returning. She doesn’t understand why almost every surrounding state can allow medical marijuana but not Nebraska.

CBD and Delta 8 shops have become very popular in Nebraska in the last several years but what Teddy and Jayen’s mom want people to understand is since it isn’t regulated, and they have no idea what is in the things sold there it isn’t a safe alternative to medical marijuana.

Teddy’s mom, Elizabeth Bronson, says that after many surgeries and medicines not working the legalization of medical marijuana would give Teddy a shot, he might not have without it.

A marijuana leaf displayed in Omaha, Nebraska on Saturday, March 25, 2023. (Photo/Madison Bonin)

“Giving our family the opportunity for Medical Cannabis can change my son’s life because he can still be living. I’m convinced that without implanting Teddy a year ago I don’t know that he would have saw his 5th birthday,” said Bronson.

Regardless of what happens to LB588 which currently still needs to be voted on by Judiciary committee Nicole and Elizabeth both agree they will never give up trying to get medical marijuana legalized. Because giving up would mean giving up on their kids.

“Our fight will continue and as battered and torn and worn as we all are I can’t give up for him because that’s not an option. I can’t go back to my son and say that’s it,” said Hochstein.

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