The Renaissance Festival of Nebraska
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The Renaissance Festival of Nebraska

Grab a turkey leg and step back in time when royalty ruled and knights really were in shining armor. Dozens of costumed characters and many more one-of-a-kind artisans await you in this magical adventure at the 2015 Renaissance Festival of Nebraska.

Two weekends of jousting and merry-making!

Weekend 1 – May 2 & 3, the all-female jousting troupe,
KNIGHTS OF THE ROSE from Delaware Ohio!
Weekend 2 – May 9 & 10, the heavy battle jousting troupe,
NEW RIDERS OF THE GOLDEN AGE from Sarasota Florida!
Both Weekends, live stage performances, hands-on activities, artisan markets, historical fun, and feasting fit for a king!

The Renaissance Festival is an art and amusement event with a good dose of history. It combines outdoor circus-style entertainment, interactive fun, skilled artists, and colorful characters all set in the recreation of a historical European village.

Celebrating another exciting season at the Bellevue Berry Farm, the Renaissance Festival has grown into a 10-acre theme park filled with charming buildings, tents, beer garden, castle, food booths, and pub. There is also a variety of fun and unusual people-powered rides, games of skill, and artisan demonstrations.
The Renaissance Festival of Nebraska is the largest Renaissance festival in the state. Over 100 combined artists, demonstrators, performers, playtrons, and vendors exhibit their talents in this medieval amusement park. Throughout each day of the faire, a continuous schedule of music, comedy, juggling, and amazing feats of skill are presented on four unique stages.

Renaissance festivals are one of the most interactive entertainment experiences ever created, with wonderful amusements and antics going on all around you! You can sit back and watch, or become part of the festival performance. The village lanes are full of costumed characters – royalty, peasants, and street entertainers – all ready to surprise and delight you with tall tales, songs, jokes, and tricks.

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